Hi there, I'm Elliot Speck, alter-ego Arcaire. I'm a code crafter living in Victoria, Australia primarily working with C, C#, Elixir and Ruby. I occasionally dabble in a few other languages as well.

I currently work as an information security and forensics consultant for Sense of Security Australia. In my own time I make things that are sort of cool if you squint a bit, disassemble and break things, and run a myriad of community projects and spearhead various development projects.

I previously worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia as a cyber security consultant, and RamNode as a virtualisation technician and system administrator. Until March 2015, I was the root administrator for NetChat.IO.

I have a strong background in Linux, BSD, and Windows system administration in both a server and endpoint capacity, as well as penetration testing of web applications, networking devices, operating systems, and mobile devices. I spend a good deal of my free time time working on making video games do strange things, and working with bhyve.